Cherry on top Award! I am tickled!

Thank you Heather for the delightful Cherry on top blog award! My first ever!
This award comes with some rules, here they are:
1.      Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
2.      The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.
3.      The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

Here we go:

1.       My life is awesome the way it is and would not change a single thing, but if you twist my arm and I HAD too, I would have liked to be sporty/athletic and more adventurous. Well, it’s never too late!

2.        There is no way that there are only six people that deserve this award, but I must try and narrow it down...

3.       Thank you, Heather! You are my prime motivation for running and an inspiration in every way to me!

Bonded by blood and thread!

Flashback -25 years ago…

Parents (introducing us to guests): these are my children, say namaste kids…
Guest (looking at my brother) Oh my God, he is so handsome, beautiful green eyes, golden hair, and those eye brows, perfection!
Guest (looking at me) Hmmm…nice hmmmm name.

That’s the reaction I have grown up with, which by the way did wonders for my self confidence. My brother has been the most good looking child in the entire family and I have been, well, just average, guess he got the best genes from our parents and I was stuck with leftovers.

Few days ago it was Indian festival Rakhi (or Rakhsha Bandhan), it’s a festival where sister ties a holy thread on brother’s wrist. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and pledges to look after her. Since I was born, we have celebrated this festival with much aplomb .Now, several years later, Pacific and Indian Ocean apart, I still mail him rakhi every year. Don’t get me wrong, just like brothers and sisters all over the universe we too follow the sibling’s cosmic law of getting on each other’s nerves (I think he does a better job than I).

All my girl friends use to be gaga over him, and some even became friends with me, so that they could get to know him better (yup, another ego booster for me). He was a usual pest, pulling my hair, calling me dunce, ridiculing my style of clothes. These kind of brotherly deeds always made me wonder, what a wonderful life if would be, if I was the only child.

For some reason, I was wondering about the same recently, and it smacked me in my cranium, I would never had the passion for music, or be unruffled in catastrophe, generosity would probably be learnt and not just way of being, never ever giving out a secret you have been entrusted with, and not eating ketchup because it is animals blood, well, if we leave french fries accompany aside, my brother knowingly or unknowingly has taught me tons.

I “copy catted” him in several ways I thought he was cool, and I bet he doesn’t know that and if he did, he would be tugging at my pigtails right now.

Creepy Crawly!

I was flipping channels on television yesterday and a LIZARD popped on the screen, HD technology makes it so much real, it’s like this reptile is in my living room, lecturing about saving insurance money! Just because the name of the company sounds like name of this slithering reptile, they choose it as the company’s spokesperson,?!? Well , technically it’s is not a “person”, it’s from the slimly snake ancestors. The company’s creative team could have tried to be a bit more creative, and perhaps selected cuddlier animal, maybe giraffe? Armadillo? Jellyfish?
The reason for my paranoia about horrendous gecko and similar creepy crawly reptiles is because I have terrible nightmare since I was 3 feet tall. In this almost real like dream, I am surrounded by thousands of these creatures in the room, there’s no window, no door and I try to scurry away but I am paralyzed, they have their dark beading eyes on me and are inching toward me..ahhhhhhhh, I wake up sweating and shivering, I never go back to sleep for rest of the hours of darkness.

ps don’t be fooled by the tongue sticking smiling gecko picture that I have posted, look deep into its eyes and you will see why I get nightmares.
By the way, for my reader outside of USA, Geico is a popular insurance company:

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Me time sucks!

Last week, my better half was trotting half way across the world and I was in my abode alone. The impression that one gets from movies like “home alone”, is that it’s exciting to be by yourself, eat whatever you want, put stingy cologne on your face, leave mess lying around… I thought so too, but let the truth be told, I hate being unaccompanied.
While hubby was increasing his airline miles traveling to the land of her majesty, the Queen, I was sleeping on the couch with lights on. I have never been a chicken, but for some reason I was petrified by the slightest sound for the three nights that I was by myself. I tossed and turned, tossed and turned, repeat again, but just couldn’t sleep. Usually as the clock blinks 10 pm I am off to bed and 10.15 pm deep in slumber, but those few night internet was my best friend. Ask me about treatment for split ends, ten day weather forecast in California, Idaho and Germany, feng shui, how to plant okra, I know it all, cause I just couldn’t sleep!
The afternoon he came back, we both were so exhausted, he because of 16 hours of travel, hectic schedule and jet lag and me, because of information over load and sleep deprivation. Me time really sucks! Glad he is back home!

Food Network is slaughtering my diet!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Food Network channel, it makes me want to try out new recipes and cook creatively, but shows like Cupcake wars and Ace of cake, the sugary half an hour episodes compels me to bake and within minutes I set in motion preparing for the new calorie loaded recipe. The aroma of baking engulfs my kitchen and I am on my knees, no, not praying for forgiveness for gluttony but looking in the oven (it’s under the stove) and counting minutes till the 450 degrees of heat does its job. It’s a good thing that I love to share what I cook so I get to eat one or two (sometimes when I am naughty, three or four) baked goodies AND then off course the next thing, my diet is scorched.

Here’s what I am thinking to deter myself from baking - nip it in the bud and get cable disconnected so I won’t watch tv and be inspired to bake, or maybe fling the oven out of the window, or never keeps eggs ,spoons and mixing bowls at home, or write a letter to food network to pay for my gym membership and next size clothes….I ran the list with my friends who I usually share the baked goodies with and they promised to take me out shopping for the next size tent, oops I meant dress, if I kept baking.

Thank God for such friends who motivate me to keep baking and buying newer bigger clothes!?! They also promised me that they would run with me to shed the extra brownie pounds and reduce eating sugary goodies to once a month, so I guess its win-win! Glad that sorted out, can’t wait to get back on my knees againJ

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